So many plans…I need a nap. 

Have you ever gotten so excited at the prospect of something that you completely wear yourself out? That is totally me ALL THE TIME.

I have recently decided to (finally) start to decorate the big ranch style house I bought…from an actual real life Hoarder. For the past two years all extra money has went in to structural repair (don’t even ask 😖) and at long last it is time to get around to to the visual stuff. 

I have been carefully planning out accomplishments all week. I have put myself to sleep every night with visions of DIY projects that will make others sick with envy….not that I have loads of company…but if I did? They would all secretly hate me because my house is gonna be Ah-MAZE-ZInggg. Seriously. I’ve got a plan.

I have been busting with so much anticipation that I have been doing tedious projects to expel some of the pent up energy. 

That isn’t me in the pic….it’s me holding the camera. But! I made that out of sheer desire to be doing something. It’s massive. I already know exactly where I’m gonna put that sucker too…after I punch out and paint the living room. In hindsight I should have picked a better book. I picked one I didn’t care for. I thought my heart wouldn’t let me destroy a book that I love. But, I like it so much, I really wish I had chosen a more awesome book to showcase. Oh well, I am keeping it…and making two more of various sizes….But I digress…

I have picked up two funky pieces of old furniture from the thrifty shoppe next door to my job. An old beast of a coffee table from the 70’s that I want to turn into a bench and this baby:Kinda looks like it would smell like pee, right? It doesn’t. It’s just ugly. It’s not stinky at all.

Rit has a dye for synthetic material now  called Rit Dyemore.

So I really wanna dye that chair…like Baaaaaaad. I want to dye it and I want it to work. Because if it does? I’m going to dye my entire sectional. That in itself is a ridiculously large undertaking. And, I’m pretty sure that I’m unwell for even thinking about doing it…so that is why we are gonna try the chair first.

I saw some stuff on Pinterest. I think I see where they failed and I think I have figured out the proper formula…I’m probably wrong. But I really don’t think that I am…

So, all of these projects…well the idea of these projects has had me so excited that I am now an hour away from getting started and I am Exhausted!!! I am ready to get my butt home and nap for days. I am literally so weary at the idea of going to the store to buy dye that I feel like crying a bit. 


Author: cleemons

Single, thrifty, Mom, with more hobbies than I can list. Restless and creative, my mind is usually three projects ahead of my actual accomplishments. Pastimes include eating chocolate and watching DIY videos. I'm not an actual blogger... or writer for that matter. I don't even expect many to read what I have to say. 😁The blogging is just a way to expel energy when I am unable create and my brain is flooded with creative thoughts. I have been diagnosed with OCD (and treated for it) but the mind still processes in the same old jumble of urges. I get restless easily. SO! Please forgive any errors! 😬 I will always try to give credit and post links. Though I will admit that often I have to proofread several times before I get everything exactly correct. And, on a final note...I am an idea double hacker...It's chronic. Most often I get a base idea from someone and alter the hell out of it to fit my needs/ doesn't always work out for the best...but I end up doing it every. single. time.

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