Here comes the sun…it’s alright 

Today is FINALLY the day! The sun is shining and the humidity is super low! I tested the funky chair today and the paint is nice and hard! 

I have decided on the fabric that I will use to re-cover it. It took me forever to settle on this combination.

As soon as I get home today I’ll be more than ready to get this baby wrapped up!


Won’t use polyurethane on a rainy day

I guess I could if I were into self punishment. 🤔 But, seriously I couldn’t get cranking on my chair…if I ever wanted it to dry. Booo! It’s totally ok though. Because I have a much mo…

Source: Can’t use polyurethane in the rain…I should write county music

Can’t use polyurethane in the rain…I should write county music

So maybe I should never write any music. But, seriously I couldn’t get cranking on my chair…if I ever wanted it to dry. Booo!

It’s totally ok though. Because I have a much more exciting project in the works!

I’m not posting about that tonight though.

I’m going to post about PRACTICE.. for my more exciting project.

I had a glimmer of a BRILLIANT idea over the weekend. But, first I had to test my theory. It required me to leave work and go here: Now every crafter worth their salt knows that this is serious business. This is how you go broke!

While I was there I picked up some of this This

ThisThisAnnnnd these

Because at home

I had thisthat I found years ago…and I don’t think I actually paid anything for it.

So the plan is to copper leaf the important parts. I watched several videos on YouTube. None actually stood out as the be all end all tutorial. Basically you take a sealed surface…in this case a wood that has been stained and shellacked.

You don’t have to seal glass or anything that isn’t porous BTW.

So it’s pretty simple from there grab a paint brush (because in this case we are using liquid adhesive and not the spray…the brilliant idea will require the spray so stay tuned for that) and start application of the adhesive It is puddled up in the picture. But this amount spread out and coved a lot of the area.

Let that dry until it’s tacky OR if you are not sure about tacky…think the sticky side of a piece of tape. That is what you want.

Unfortunately, I was unable to photograph picking up the actual leafing and applying it. 

Update: I was able to take photos while doing a smaller project in a less breezy environment. They were taken for a different project but the same formula applies to all leafing projects.

The way I found to be best is to place waxed paper over the metal sheet and run firmly across with your hand. The static makes it stick and you can transfer easily. Then just lay it over the adhesive.

At this point I used this brush 

To kind of scrub and moosh the metal down while it was still under the waxed paper.

Rinse and repeat until every thing you applied adhesive to is covered.
*you may have pieces that hang over the side or rip free…pick those up and stick them on too. You won’t see lines or anything from over lap or separate pieces.

Not very pretty at this stage.
So, the next move is to wad up some cheesecloth and start rubbing directly on the metal. This really helps to push everything in…including any crevices…which my project had a ton of. Pretty quickly you will see the difference Pretty? Very!

**Im replacing my floor next week. So I just flopped out in my living room on the floor. I would suggest that anyone else do this in an actual work area and burnish outdoors when possible…unless you want metal flake all over. And I did it under a ceiling fan…which folks, if you haven’t used this stuff? It is super fine and light weight. I actually have used it in the past for nail art So I knew what I was getting into.

The next step is to take that same stiff brush and kind of flick off any stray pieces. You really don’t want to scrub straight onto the metal…just use the tip or corner of your brush and quickly push any lose clinging pieces away. Then take a big fluffy soft brush and dust the whole thing So there she is.

One more before to compare I feel like it was really brought to life.

So to wrap it all up, you need to grab another brush and use the sealant. All leafing (unless it is real gold) is made in part with copper. Even the silver and gold. This means you HAVE to seal the metal. Copper tarnishes and your gilded items will be vulnerable to that. It might not be bad if it were always that cool green color…but more than likely it will be an ugly, spotted, black or brown. So just go ahead and finish the job…it takes maybe three minutes. The sealant is white like the adhesive so it is easy to see when you apply it.

Wait for it to dry and you are finished. Ignore my other projects in the reflection…and the dirty mirror…I dug it out of the garage about three minutes before I started. I dusted it off and got to work.

I can’t lie. I absolutely love it.

My daughter is disgustingly jealous of this old mirror now. I think she would have liked if I had leafed the entire thing…but, as it is it certainly looks very fancy and princess like. So, if you have kiddos and you run across an old wooden mirror? Take a closer look.

It may have a future as a magic mirror! 

I’m miserable 

It has been warm here, then below freezing, warm again, and today it’s raining. My sinuses are really giving me grief. And, getting my projects done with the weather and a reoccurring sinus headache? Impossible. 

A few good things have happened for sure. My favorite uncle remembered he got a $25.00 Home Depot card for Christmas…and he GAVE it to me!!! Which is basically free money. Awesomeness!!

So, after a nap (and a couple of Motren washed down with Gatorade) I was ready to rock!

I seriously cannot express how excited I was. I honestly only needed a couple things and when it was all said and done? My bill came to exactly $25.99…so I only spent a buck of my own money…Who wouldn’t be thrilled?!?

I talked in my other post about Wipe on poly and that is absolutely what I wanted to buy for the funky chair.  Just in case you missed it.😜

I watched a great little video about it on YouTube by user My Random Reviews 411. Now, for what I am currently doing? This is much more complex….my work is just easy peasy little piddling…but the video certainly gives all the important information (which is also on the back of the can) and there is a Kitty at the end so it’s worth the watch.

Of course I got distracted while in there I might have a couple of other ideas about the house…maybe.

At any rate I found what I needed and I might have picked up a stack of paint swatches to match this color pallet  

 I have been loosely following. 

I went with the gloss because I just don’t think a matte finish will be my taste in painted wood…I kind of worry it would look murky and I’m just not down with murky painted wood. 

While I was there I picked up some wooden dowel rods for another project that I found on Pinterest. Rachel Paxton has an absolutely brilliant idea for DIY curtain rods. I found them charming, affordable, basically irresistible. I doubt my home with sport any other style rods again. The project is for another day. But, with the ability to acquire my items basically free? “In the cart, My Darlings!”  

No matter what anyone says I got my money’s worth…granted I only spent a buck of my own….That totally makes me giggle with glee. 

When you have big ideas and a small budget? It’s the little things that count!